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Laser engravings

Deepened engravings

Laser engravings can be made in aluminium, stainless steel and a variety of other metals as well as in wood or various plastics. In this process, surface particles are brought to a thermal reaction with the help of high heat, which is shot precisely onto the material by laser beams. A dark gray coloration develops at the areas thus treated.

The result is a weatherproof design for indoor and outdoor installation. Laser engravings can also be used on medical devices, as no edges are created in the material. There are no limits to the design wishes, texts can be laser engraved as well as images, logos or even barcodes or DMC.

Deep engravings are possible in materials such as aluminium, plastic or brass. In this process, a milling cutter is used to engrave lettering or shapes into the material, i. e. to remove material. Then the deepened engraving is covered with paint. You can choose the colour freely.

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