Under eloxal printing on aluminium

Digital printing by Benz.

Unrestricted creativity through modern digital printing

Printed aluminium in photo quality!

In short: Everything you print on paper on your inkjet printer at home, we print on aluminium. Thanks to our modern digital printing technology, we can guarantee the highest quality and achieve exact printing results.

Every colour can be reproduced, even colour gradients are possible in digital printing. Due to the special production process we do not only apply the colour to the material, but also work your motif into the aluminium. We are talking about a subeloxal pressure.

We print on aluminium in sub-eloxal printing

. . . for a consistent result in individual production or large series! Due to the sub-eloxal printing we achieve a higher resistance to friction or even solvents and cleaning agents than with normal printing. Due to the low set-up costs, this process is suitable for individual production, but series are also possible.

We would also be pleased to inform you personally about our extensive range of services and the advantages of the various production processes.